5 ways to improve social media engagement through visual images

Social media is a necessity for online businesses. Love them or hate them, social platforms broaden your reach and give you more online visibility. Using them increases your chances of finding customers you wouldn’t usually attract.

Visual images are critical to making your social marketing efforts more attractive. According to studies, content posted on various social media sites that include visual images receive more clicks, shares and favourites

So here’s how you can make your content more appealing to social media users. Add these visual images.


The power of video cannot be underestimated. By all means, share the videos of your followers in your social networks to improve engagement. But you could go one better and make your own - then watch your conversion rates go through the roof. The statistics for video are unbelievable and include; a 75% in engagement, 92% of consumers are more likely to share a video, 90% of consumers say video influences purchasing decisions, and 80% of users recall a video within 30 days.


Adding visual content to your social media posts can be expensive, but a cost-effective solution is to add photography. Whenever possible, you should use your images. Originality and uniqueness is the best option. However, that is not always possible either, but fortunately, there are some very good hearted photographers on the web that provide excellent stock photographs that are free for commercial use. Some of the best sites around are Pexels, Pixabay, SplitShire, Unsplash and Life of Pix. 


There has been a sharp rise in the increase of infographics in blog posts in the last half decade. And for a good reason. Storytelling is a compelling way of engaging readers, and the visual elements of infographics make the content more captivating. You see very few marketers using infographics on social media networks. The visual graphic can be used to tease readers with partial information. Curiosity compels people to click-through to your website. 


Another free source of images you can use for social posting is screenshots. There are plenty of free screen capture tools available on the web you can take advantage of to create images. Just be careful about copyright. Screenshots are okay to use providing you follow ‘fair dealing’ regulations under the Copyright Act. Sometimes that will involve capturing a partial image, but sometimes partials enhance the impact of visual images. 

Share visual content 

Sharing visual content posted by other members of your social media circles increases your engagement and has a knock-on effect. Sharing is a great ploy for diversifying the type of content you publish on your social media account and raises awareness of your brand so make sure you have your logo fixed as your profile. 

Using visual images in social networks is proven to increase engagement. There are many other benefits visual content provides as well. And as this list shows, there are cost-effective solutions to source images which improve engagement of your social media marketing campaigns. 

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