Web designer or website builder – which is best for your business?

Now that business and shopping is moving to the internet, companies need to build a website and develop an online presence. You are therefore faced with the choice of whether to hire a professional web designer or use digital technology to build your own website.

In recent years many web building tools have surfaced. You are probably familiar with the leading packages such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. They are relatively user-friendly and have drag and drop facilities that enable you to piece a website together.

If you have some technical know-how, DIY website builders offer a reasonable solution to small businesses on a tight budget. However, there are limitations.

Why hire a web designer?

A web designer understands SEO. This knowledge is critical when building a website. For example, site speed is a key measure of performance, and if your website does not load within 3 or 10 seconds, you will lose customers. SEO shouldn’t be an afterthought in web design but a goal

Furthermore, your bounce rate will be high. This means that a lot of people are visiting your website but leaving without interacting with it. This metric informs search engines that you are not providing a good user experience. As a consequence, your website will suffer in search engine results, and you will not receive many visitors.

Web designers also remove the technical burden from you. If you are not familiar with computers, even easy-to-use websites can be troublesome. And you could be putting this time to better use.

Furthermore, a professional build is unique to your brand and can carry out complex actions. The functionality of a custom-build is far more flexible and user-friendly than a DIY website.

When to use a web builder

Some small businesses may benefit from using a website builder. They are less expensive than a professional web designer, and although they will not be entirely unique, you can tweak some elements, colours and fonts to project your brand image.

It 's hard to say whether web builders have an adverse effect on how well your online store will perform. Although many of the elements are SEO friendly, they still may not meet with Google AMP codes. If the scripts have too much text to read, Google AMP will strip pieces of your website away.

Plugins may also cause your website to load slowly. You, therefore, need to learn about SEO and determine which are the best plugins to use. There are plenty of online resources, but they are not all reliable. It depends whether the publisher is selling well on behalf of another company. Although affiliates are obligated by law to declare when they are promoting a product or business they are employed by or earning money from; there was a practice of writing promotional articles on third party sites to get around the obligation.

Web builders and web designers both have pros and cons. If you are technical but don’t have a budget, your first website will probably be a web builder. But if you want to appear professional and trustworthy, the bespoke templates of a professional web design will project the right image.

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