Why having a sturdy CMS for your website is so important

Editing your website, adding content and making the changes you want shouldn’t be out of your reach. With a sturdy and simple to use CMS, you can take back control of your content.

Managing the content on your website shouldn’t be hard. If the thought of updating your site with new content fills you with dread, then maybe it’s time you got a new content management system, usually known as a CMS.

With the latest and best CMSs, you should be able to control your content without having to navigate your way through messy backend systems or dashboards, filled with scores of tabs and buttons that are difficult to comprehend. It’s better to be able to edit and save changes right on the page. Once you’re happy with the work you’ve done, just click to save and it’s right there in front of you.

That’s exactly what you get with Webflow. It’s a straightforward and sturdy CMS that makes managing your website a lot less complicated.


Creating content in minutes

When you want to create or add new content, it should be as easy as filling out an online form. Just input the content into the box right on the page, see how it looks and click save to see it go live. This will help you to structure your content the way you want it to look while bringing clarity and consistency to your design. Editing should be easy, without the possibility to disrupt the site’s design.

After all, this is your website so you should always be in total control of what’s going on.


SEO controls

Search engine optimisation is one of the key factors of any website. You could have an excellent product or service and a beautifully designed site, but unless it's visible to search engines, the chances are nobody will ever see it.

SEO sounds complicated and can put a lot of people off, but it can be made simple. With Webflow editor you don’t need any unnecessary plugins to manage your site’s SEO settings. You can manage your meta descriptions, URLs and other settings on every page quickly and easily.

You can do it all easily in the page settings, with no extra apps required. Set your SEO markup as fields in your collections and pull data into meta titles and descriptions.

Invite collaborators

If you need more people to have access to your website it can sometimes be a little frustrating. But with Webflow it’s easy to invite collaborators to work on the site, and you can see exactly who made what changes and when before you publish.

By being able to keep track of who is working on what, you won’t step on each others’ toes, and you can review new submissions in the capacity of a site editor, so you still regain control.

In comparison

Webflow compares very favourably to some of the other major CMSs. It’s the world’s first visual content management system. Simple and easy to use, your web designer can set you up with a login so that you can alter and add content as and when you want to, without the hassle of code. You can add content by hand or via the API, then change it visually to suit your guidelines and design style.

It’s intuitive too, so editing your site couldn’t be easy. Structure and design your content however you want without having to mess around with the design template or code. You can create collections, storing them in created collection page. Just log in, and you can edit content using the editor panel. And if you get stuck, there is support and tutorials on hand at all times to guide you through the process.

If you’d like to know more about how you could have a clean, lightweight and easy to use CMS for your site, then get in touch and I'll be happy to tell you more about why I'm using Webflow. I think it gives my clients and customers the very best access and level of control over their site. This is a CMS without the hassle.

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