Why written content is king: The benefits of SEO

While it’s true that design is fundamental to the success of your website, it can’t sell by itself. That’s why content is king, as the popular web marketing saying goes.

The way your website looks and feels – the images, UXP, visuals and videos – are without doubt important. Creating an impact with your first impression and branding strategy are, or at least should be, core principles of your web presence.

But if you’re not backing it up with well-written, captivating and compelling copy, then your site is simply not working hard enough.

High-Value Content

Effective is the key word here. Having well-written content is, without a doubt, important. Spelling errors, poorly written and overly long text are well known off putters. But it’s the efficacy of content that makes the difference.

First of all, you need to identify your high-value customers (HVCs). These are your key demographic – in short, the ones who are going to spend money.

If you’re selling cardigans, using slang and text speak probably isn’t going to work. Likewise, if you’re in the computer games market, lengthy and complicated prose is not going to appeal to your HVCs. Target your copy and content to your audience.


Search engine optimisation may be the term that is most used concerning web content, but probably the least understood. Once upon a time it meant simply cramming your website full of keywords in no particular order.

What this resulted in was scores of websites with no discernable content of use, where it wasn’t even clear what they were selling. But that’s where we ended up because of SEO overkill.

Then search engines got smarter. They could tell when sites had been keyword stuffed and started overlooking them. Instead, they focused on sites with quality content with naturally occurring terms of interest.

Quality and quantity of content on your website

Content became about both quantity and quality again. But not quantity in the sense above. Rather, that sites had to be regularly updated with fresh, good quality content. Blogs, like this one, are an excellent way to do that. It’s an easy and efficient way of getting your message out there regularly.

The same rules apply to static content such as landing pages, though. Keep them fresh and featuring the relevant keywords, and your site will score highly on the search engine rankings.

Imagine your website is like a spider web, and every thread is a page of content. The better quality the content, the stronger the thread. By making your web thicker and stronger, you stand more chance of catching your customers.

That’s why content, and SEO focused content at that, is so important.

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