Julie Bristow

Julie is a highly experienced singer with an impressive track record as a professional performer. She teaches singing in her garden studio, in various styles and to clients of all ages and levels of ability. She sought to increase her online profile with a website.

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Julie's approach to teaching is very personable, and we both felt this quality had to be allowed to shine through on the website. It was important that contact details, lesson features and other relevant information were all easy to find and digest.

Julie concurred that photography was the most active medium within which to demonstrate not only her qualities as a singing teacher but also the complementary ambience of the garden studio in which her lessons take place. Consequently, it was vital that the photographic aspect remained very much centre stage throughout the design process.

Julie now has a greatly enhanced online presence. Her new website highlights her skills and expertise to a wider audience. Perhaps most importantly, it is attracting new clientele to her door.

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