Williams of West Runton

Williams is owned and run by Barry Jones and Jason Cockaday who are both traditional and contemporary upholsterers. The business has operated from the same Norfolk premises for approximately 30 years and over the years has evolved to offer service and quality that few can guarantee. They were looking to update and improve upon their current website.

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Both Barry and Jason wanted to promote their very own 'Williams Range' of furniture. This would be a page with clear imagery, descriptions, and pricing.

We wanted to portray the fact that all of the furniture made at Williams is handcrafted and we all agreed that using striking imagery was the way to achieve this. In the world wide web, photography is increasingly playing a significant part, and it was to be the same on this website.

Williams of West Runton now has a website that responds on all devices. It has beautiful photography, complimenting the high quality, handcrafted furniture.

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